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HGH Growth Hormone as a Body Building Enhancement Drug – Human growth hormoneimg1

(HGH) has been used by body builders for years to promote physical enhancement.

We have many customers that come from North America requesting for a HGH strictly to assist

in their physical appearance; while this drug does do that, it may also be misused with severe

side effects. Therefore because of this fact, we felt to assist our customers that are wanting HGH

for this purpose. We hope this will help educate newcomers to body training and the black

market users of this product.

After puberty as we all know, your body stops growing new muscle cells. The number of muscle

cells you have for the rest of your life is genetic, and the most you can do is to increase the size

of these cells through weight training or steroids. You can actually grow new muscle cells and

tissue when on a set HGH therapy program without the unwanted side effect; thus allowing you

to reverse those genetic pre-dispositions and achieve an ideal muscle density and mass.

Human growth hormone raises your metabolism, causing you to burn fat; but to increase weight.img2

Who and why? Well the weight that you will gain while taking HGH is weight built from lean

muscle and unlike any steroid, the weight gain from HGH is slow… normal weight gains are in

the region of one to two pounds of lean muscle every two to three weeks. This is in contrast to

that of steroids, of which you gain mostly water weight. When on HGH / human growth

hormone, you gain only lean muscle mass and in-turn dictates your body to burn your fat for

energy. Thus, body builders can eat a lot of food when necessary and not gain un-wanted weight

from fats in your diet or food.

HGH used as a body building drug increases lean body mass, shortens your recovery time

between workouts, and enhances your overall performance. It also has a lower risk of detection

than other performance-enhancing drugs; although recently discoveries are being made to

combat the use of HGH in competitive competitions globally. HGH strengthens joints, ligaments

and heals damaged tissue; other body building benefits include increased ability of protein

synthesis, an increase in the amount of insulin a person can use effectively, and an increase in the

amount of anabolic steroids a person can use effectively.

There is one myth we need to clear up is that the use of human growth hormone in body building

will cause an extended belly. Extended belly is not actually caused by HGH therapy itself; but

rather caused by too frequent interval doses at too high level of somatropin when being injected.

If you take HGH as directed by a professional physician, it will not cause dis-figurement.

Human growth hormone (HGH) increases strength, promotes healthy weight gain, promotes fat

loss, and decreases muscle loss during off periods. The side effects of using HGH as a body

building drug are minimal and rare. Also HGH will not cause abnormal bone growth or

Acromegaly as many have suggested, our research has found that after a person’s period of

natural growth in childhood ends, the ends of their bones fuse and quit growing, thus eliminating

the possibility of acromegaly.


At the first attempt you want to stimulate the process of naturally releasing HGH in your

training. Working out and putting your body under extreme stress, intense workouts,

energy-consuming events and long periods of physical exhaustion are keys in releasing

sufficient amounts of natural Growth Hormone (GH).

This most potent kind of GH release is the targeted goal to meet the demands of the

bodybuilder. You have to work out to gain muscle mass, moreover the production of this

type of natural GH is a direct reaction to a catabolic state; therefore a general rule of

thumb when working out is not train longer than say 45 minutes or so, because that’s

when GH tapers off and cortisol production sets in.

If you train about 40 minutes and increase it by 2 minutes every other period after a

month, after 10 months, you could train for an hour without inducing a catabolic state. No

one has ever tested how far you can push the envelope, but is a proven fact. There is no

use in working out longer than an hour, as anyone using moderate to heavy intensity

should be able to finish 20 to 25 sets in that time, and since you have to match recovery

to training intensity and vice versa, 25 or more sets would necessitate an intake of at least

4500 to 5000 calories, maybe more; however most appetites are not that large.

Rest & Sleep:

75 % of your total daily HGH output is produced while sleeping, and most of that in

REM sleep. Short Siestas or Cat naps may further your case a bit, however it is unlikely

that you can induce a deep enough sleep to start producing GH during those naps. Getting

at least 8-10 hours of sleep is a sacrifice everyone should consider of making if you want

to get big in a hurry. Also the regularity of your sleeping pattern could promote more

REM cycles and result in more hormonal output. So keeping steady hours of sleep is

beneficial. If you are one to stay out late on weekends it may be best to still wake up at

the same time instead of sleeping in. Otherwise you may disturb your sleeping pattern.


Inject HGH under a doctor’s or fitness certified professional’s supervision. HGH has

many benefits: it increases the protein synthesizing effect of testosterone and causes

growth in muscle tissue. Also unlike most steroid genic substances, it is currently

undetectable in most drug tests. Depending on your age is a direct correlation to the

timing of when you should inject HGH for maximum results.


If you feel the need is absolute for you to begin using synthetic rHGH or recombinant human

growth hormone in your training, you need to know how to manipulate its release naturally in

addition to supplementing it with rHGH; these two together make optimizing gains in muscle

mass much more efficient. Synthetic Growth Hormone is not the be-all or end-all muscle drug,

yet don’t pass up the potential benefits one would enjoy from rHGH therapy, which would be

unacceptable for the serious athlete.

Having said all that, here are a few points of interest that we’ve advised our body-building

customers on the use of HGH:

For gaining lean muscle and substantially improving body composition:

For this purpose a dose of 4-8 IU’s per day will be necessary.

Most people will respond very well at a dose of 4-5 IU’s per day.

For maximum benefit, the addition of Testosterone, an Insulin, and a low-dose of T3 would be

something to seriously consider. For a normal cycle of 5-8 months in length, injecting once or

twice a day, 7 days a week should be fine.

Another option would be to run your HGH cycle every day for the first two months to get your

IGF-1 levels elevated quickly and to a level to assist you in an anabolic way, then drop back to 5

days a week.

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