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Masteron is the market name for anabolic steroid called Drostanolone. Masteron comes in two Drostanolone forms – Propionate and Enanthate.

Individuals usually buy Masteron for bodybuilding purposes; however, its practical applications stretch wider, given that it is being used in medicine, namely for treatment of high cholesterol levels, breast cancer, and so on. Recently, its medical usage has subsided due to risk of virilization (excessive testosterone levels) in women.

Masteron 100 is a highly-used steroid among competitive bodybuilders, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. It is consumed for its diuretic effect and its ability to burn fat; it also increases testosterone level. That way they can achieve better-looking physique and stronger muscles, while staying in the same weight category; with a proper diet one can lose weight with its help. It can be used in preparation for competitions, aesthetic reasons, or other occasions.

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Evidence suggests that the course of Masteron 100 can decrease body-fat level by 5-7%. Other benefits of Masteron 100 include:

  • Heightened physical performance;
  • Improved self-esteem;
  • Increased hemoglobin;
  • And other health improvements related to testosterone.

Its recommended usage norm is 300-500 mg per week for men and 25-50mg per day for women.

Masteron California has a very mild anabolic activity; however, its excessive usage might result in acne, hair loss, aggression, and other side effects.

It also decreases body’s production of testosterone; therefore, a testosterone therapy might be required after the course of Masteron 100.

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