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Methenolone is a chemical name of steroid primobolan (or primo). Therefore don’t be confused, when you buy Primobolan, it means that you buy methenolone and that’s what you really need! It is used by bodybuilders during cutting cycles and primobolan is as popular as trenbolone in this function. Even Hollywood stars use primobolan! Three main advantages of primobolan are: 1) no side-effects of aromatizing because it’s non-aromatizing; 2) you doesn’t need to take big doze, even little one is very effective; 3) it gets through liver and doesn’t dissolve. All the mentioned above qualities can tip the scale to the buying this type of steroids, but there are also some controversial points of view among audience.

There is strong belief that primobolan is a weak steroid but in fact it is stronger than masteron. In order to disprove the negative comments about primo let’s observe some effects of it:

Buy Primobolan tablets

  • Easily controlled side-effects;
  • No complications for females;
  • No harm for liver;
  • No bloating;
  • No water retention;
  • Can be used in a stack;
  • Has either anabolic or androgenic characteristics;
  • Little doze can be highly effective;
  • Allows to plan your own cycle;
  • Non-aromatizing;
  • Provides fat-loss;
  • Add muscle mass;
  • Normalizes blood pressure;
  • Positively influences sexual life.

Primobolan tablets

Despite the fact that primo is very popular injectable steroid here you can buy Primobolan tablets as well. So you can choose how to take it – orally or in more common injection form. Notice that some researches proved that tablet form of primobolan has fewer side-effects than injections.

The main advantage of primo is that it is the safest anabolic which is available at the market today. Along with it primo is also very effective and has just a few side-effects. We have Primobolan for sale and without any prescription.

We offer wide range of methenolone either in tablet or in liquid form, such as Primobol 100 British Dragon or Primobolan Injection Genesis at a favourable price.

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