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This androgenic and anabolic supplements are supposed to be injured into the muscle tissue (not in veins!). After that steroids are slowly released into the rest of the body. There are different pharmaceutical forms and dosages for sale. ATP Shop offers injectable steroids for sale in ampoules that shows a much stronger effect than those that oral steroids. Also injects are better tolerated by your body according medical researches. Here you can buy 100% original product with delivery on address.

There are oil suspensions and water-based available. Talking about water suspensions, for example, testosterone suspension, they show an immediate effect, which lasts for 1-2 days. You can buy injectable steroids of this group, for example, Andropen British Dragon or Induject (Testosterone) cheaper in our shop. Oil-based suspensions have longer life period than water-based. They consists the main chain element – nandrolone, testosterone, trenbolone and some adjuvants, such as peach oil or propylene glycol. It depends on the length of the oil chain, how long is the half-life period and how often you have to inject steroids.

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5 reasons for use injectable steroids

  1. Reach quick muscle growth: injects give a result much faster than pills;
  2. Shelf life of injection is 3 up to 5 years, but after the expiry date they still save an effect on an extent of 12-18 months;
  3. You can do injections yourself if choose right place at muscle tissue;
  4. Modern supplements don’t lead to pain effect if done correctly;
  5. Steroids injectable for sale are safe for your health.

Injects also have not so strong side effects as oral ones sine they’re chemically composed to bypass your stomach, liver and all the digestive system. The important condition is to buy supplements at authorized legit store. All products at ATP are accompanied by a guarantee. Shopping on our site are anonymous, we don’t have minimum order. Our goal is to offer the best products in California with the cheapest prices.