Humanotrope Anhui Anke Biotechnology 1vial [1x30IU]

Pharmaceutical name: Human Growth hormone

Active Life: Varies by injection method

Average Dose: Men 3 – 7 i.u. total daily

Water Retention: Rare

Liver Toxic: No

Aromatization: No



Product Description

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring substance secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. It is essential for normal growth and development. Growth hormone (GH)is secreted by the pituitary gland since birth and the levels peak around late adolescence. In the 2nd decade of life, the levels of growth hormone began to decline. For more than 40 years growth hormone has been available to treat specific medical disorders. However, in the past 3 decades, growth hormone mania has hit the market and everyone wants to take it. The middle aged and elderly seem to think GH can reverse aging, the young teenagers want to build their bodies and the sports athletes want to perform better. Of all the drugs abused by sports athletes, Growth hormone probably ranks in the top three.




There is a lot of evidence that shows that injection of GH in the above mentioned disorders can result in:

increased muscle mass and bone density
decreased body fat
improved mentation
increased exercise performance
increased cardiovascular tolerance to stress/exercise




GH can cause several side effects, which are disturbing. The most common include:

Generalized edema
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Joint and muscle pain
Neuropathies (e.g., numbness and tingling)
Increase blood glucose levels


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