Shipping to PO Boxes and APO addresses:

We are doing shipping to PO Boxes and APOs. All of our customers have to write shipping information in the comment line for each order, so there will be an optimal delivery of your order.


Ways of shipping:

We are doing global shipping for all of our products, which are being packed safely to avoid any damages.

There will be no name  provided on the package that is being related to our company nor to any other matter of pharmaceutical contents.

We are improving our packaging on the regular basis to make sure our customers get their order with no damages.

For all the times, we use small size packages to avoid any questions that possibly can appear on customs point. If there is a big order, we will break it down into the small parts and pack it separately with one handling shipment charge.

Orders that has been made by our customers are being shipped to them directly from different locations in Europe.


What will happen if the package will get on hold at the customs point?

As per our company’s policy, we make packaging in a very private way. If, the package got on hold at the customs, we are asking our customer to send us a copy of sequester note or FDA so we can resend the same order at any charge for the client. The following procedure can be made only once. Please note that we don’t do reshipping to the following countries like: Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Chile, Singapore.


Shipping cost:

Delivery charge will come up to $25 USD per the order.

If your order is $700 USD or above, the shipping cost will be free of charge.


Shipping time:

After the customer completed his order on our website, he/she will get notification e-mail with payment procedure and the receipt for the order.

After the payment has been received,

We will pack the items within 1-3  working days.

Approximate time for delivery will be within 7-15 working days.

There are cases that delivery can take up to 25 working days due to the customs reasons.

If you did not receive your order within the time limit provided by us, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail for further assistance.


Tracking number for your order:

If you would like to get a tracking number for your shipment, please contact us by e-mail and we will assist you on this matter.


You order is being delayed:

In case of any delay because of the post office or due to the customs reasons, please contact us by e-mail to get further assistance.

If you didn’t receive your package within the time limit provided by us, please contact us by e-mail for further assistance, it will be our pleasure to help you.